Majestic deal for Rockstar Spirits

Manchester-based Rockstar Spirits has announced a partnership with Majestic Wines.

The deak will see its products sold online and throughout all 200 of Majestic Wines stores.

Rockstar Spirits, founded by Tom Hurst, offers a range of flavoured rums, including Pineapple Grenade, Grapefruit Grenade, Two Swallows and Two Swallows Cherry.

Hurst aimed to create a drink perfect for mixing with coke, putting resources into researching the traditional flavours of the soft drink to blend the perfect match.

This has since resulted in the company being chosen as the official partner for Coca-Cola’s Signature Premium Mixers range.

The company has developed a long-standing relationship with GC Business Finance with a previous loan of £14,000 helping to establish the company in 2018, while an additional five-figure loan provided in August this year has helped them launch two new flavours and scale up its operations. This has enabled the company to secure lucrative deals with the likes of Amazon and now Majestic Wines.

Tom Hurst said: “Having already worked with high-end stores such as Selfridges and Booths, we’re keen to continue working with partners that understand our brand and appreciate premium goods.